About Us
Our goal is to become the most important worldwide supplier in gift-wrapping products , also we want that all our customers have total satisfaction with our products, quality, timeliness and customer service.

Corporacion Impresora was founded in 1966 mexico city , as a result of vertical integration, ie the manufacturing of packaging for products manufactured by Laboratorios Silanes, SA, a Mexican pharmaceutical company well recognized and respected.

Growth and high competitiveness achieved by the Industrial Division, leads to a second segment of our company, emerge Commercial Division by Dipak asserting, as the leading brand in gift wrapping in Mexico and Latin America to be our foundation to offer the most extensive and varied line of products on the market.

As a result of the high standards of quality for our products has been possible to establish alliances with internationally recognized companies and become licensees of the following brands: Disney and Warner Bros.

As a sign of the high technology of our company we have registered a patent in Mexico, the United States and Europe. This domain product and process technology, supports our ability to compete and allows printer Corporation products reach the market based on the best value for money.